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The gift is to minister carving seals

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The WTO's ministerial conference held informal small day more and more closer, it is people concern degree more and more is also high. Only three days, dalian prepare how? The journalist learned from the relevant aspects, organising committee for this meeting preparation is thin and small, refined and pure, small to umbrella wet wipes, etc, ministers, vice minister of spare parts and reporters gifts are rated focus of the work. The minister given gifts is seal 
To attend the meeting of the representatives will receive a gift. The reporter understands, gifts to the minister's BaLinShi Zhuan of Inner Mongolia 
Carve seals, and is currently in earnest preparation. To vice minister will be giving XingLiangKun of dalian ceramists of ceramic art works medium bowl, and the reporter gift is crystal gift, dalian tourism scenery, tianshui practice cd-rom, and other participants will receive dalian exalteth mobile phones and dalian tourism scenery. In AnJianMen and continued must be approved by X-ray channel 
Such an important meeting, security work to make sure everything is in order. Relevant departments will attendees locations to strengthen entrances control, access to personnel (VIP except) are the AnJianMen and X-ray channel safety inspections, the practical implement closed control to ensure that the absolute safety. Congress transport has prepared his umbrella, wet wipes, etc to understand that this congress needs the car 170 vehicles, has been prepared and minister of 60 cars use crown 3.0 cars on July 3, completed the handover ceremony, at present has sealed. XuanDiao driver also conducted politics careful and etiquette, driving, safety, as well as training and drive of training. Car spare parts such as umbrellas, wet towels etc are also included. For guests have prepared 11 program during the meeting, the organizers for guests prepared a theatrical performances. Fyi, facing the whole country dis-creetly prepared 11 programs have been put in place, and submitted to the ministry of commerce authorized. In addition, concerning arrangements, meeting places in foreign guests receiving, appearance ShiMao regulation, news propaganda, sightseeing tourism, airport, communication power and medical care, preparation work also made good progress in this area.
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