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The dragon crystal popular

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      A crystal represents a kind of life. From the more than upset at every step, after sweeping the country, and the beautiful women who quite different and the brother of wearing all kinds of crystal, also be people rushed to chase after hold in both hands. This year the dragon Spring Festival, crystal has become the jewelry market is new bestow favor on, the much personages love hot models.

      The goods into the crystal more cost-effective

      "I love the Chinese New Year before buy diamond, gold of what, this year, I changed my mind!" Fashionable MM XiaXiaoJie told reporters, this year Spring Festival "pouch tightening", "diamond penchant for a twenty thousand yuan", and crystal "but thousands of yuan", "crystal and fashion and good-looking, price and inexpensive, high performance-to-price ratio", XiaXiaoJie breath for oneself bought quite a few crystal act the role ofing is tasted.

      "Spring Festival this several days, we crystal is selling very well, a lot of design are only a few." A crystal brand sales staff to tell a reporter, tourmaline &diamond earrings, yellow crystal, piece of rhodocroshite for FaJing etc have the most and welcome, especially because and recite tourmaline &diamond earrings homophones, a lot of people from word of mouth.

      In addition to crystal stores outside, some sells diamonds jewelry line also became involved in crystal market. Reporter in xinghua mall diamond family see, this businessman dragon Spring Festival just on the shelf a series of crystal ornaments,crystal gift  multicolored colour, very grab an eye. "Like amethyst, topaz accents.cream-coloured satin band and other fashion gem, market high reputation, market supply full and the price is amiable and easy to get several large single grain carat gem." The store officials said, this kind of crystal is very popular among young people like it.

     Remind: high quality crystal appreciation of large space

      At present, foshan natural crystal stores exist, the quality of the good and bad are intermingled. The personage inside course of study says, the progress of science and technology, make high-tech artificial crystal production technology has can achieve very high standards. So, to buy high quality crystal, must pay attention to its natural sex, XiYouXing and quality, because high quality natural crystal already more and more scarce, relative to character, the appreciation of space bigger also. Now some large jeweler to its crystal products are identified, consumers can reference when buy large jeweler's grading standards.

      According to introducing, classic gem tourmaline &diamond earrings, a carat level of price usually in several dozens to $one thousand, special to thousands of dollars; And amethyst, such as low price some topaz accents.cream-coloured satin band.

      Crystal tale

      Tourmaline &diamond earrings: it has the color covers almost all the colors, the total number of tonal more than one hundred kinds. Among them, the most famous for collection of wearing tourmaline &diamond earrings are: pink tourmaline &diamond earrings, chromium tourmaline &diamond earrings, blue, watermelon tourmaline &diamond earrings tourmaline &diamond earrings. Called desire tourmaline &diamond earrings stone, crystal candle holders  meaning to help achieve wishes, improve relationship, it is the only kind of electric field and magnetic field with both with the energy stones.

      Amethyst: if feel mysterious and popular, light color purple crystal is also known as France rose, favour is popular among young people. Amethyst representative of noble faithful love, often as a couple of stone promise.

      Yellow crystal: with yellow, crystal ornaments golden brown and the colour orange attune transparent. Yellow crystal can enhance personal confidence, help mood stable mood, often bring person accident of good luck, so called wealth crystal.

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