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The choose and buy crystal lamp "small ball bead university asked"

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Good brand crystal lighting expensive, a small ball bead all price hundreds, but its peculiar magnificent and still draws fashionable gens. The expert reminds: choose and buy crystal lamp, "small ball bead university asked."
Crystal droplight length limited by storey height to lamps and lanterns city choosing crystalline light, sales personnel will generally ask bedroom space structure and decorate a style, and the required lighting area and effects. If choice is crystal droplight, crystal droplight big generally have 1 meter long, small also dozens centimeters long, so consumers want to advance to remember good oneself layer are tall, especially if you do condole top or laid floor, want to deduct after a clear numerical, avoid the choose and buy inappropriate, create dimensional depression. By convention, inside the room droplight should be selected and ground maintain 2.5 meters distance as well.
Crystalline light design and household style if choose crystal lamp, its size, color, style, can usually with neuter and tonal, black and white tonal and green, blue, yellow mass-tone household color photograph collocation. General family when the choose and buy, crystalline light suspension too long, and not easily unfavorable choose multilayer and complicated chandeliers series. In addition, in the purchase of crystalline light, whether should also pay attention to the crystalline light with the room space intervals and ceiling beams of distribution, adornment photograph harmony.
Crystalline light clean crystal lamplight clean bright surface if shelter evil people and practices, not only affects lighting itself aesthetic feeling, also will weaken the crystalline light of refractive index. One can choose to buy a professional cleaners, then looked crystal lighting apply cleaner spray on after, a crystal ball or crystal chips floating dust will as the liquid volatile and taken away, The two can will each crystal come down and dipped into the container with kerosene container, and then with a toothbrush light mop crystal surface, wait for after the dirt on the surface of the softening slowly, reoccupy detergent scrub crystal block. In addition, according to the concrete crystal lighting quality, in care to differentiate between, some do only use the anti-static dry cloth to wipe the surface dirt. To avoid in the crystal leave fingerprints on clean, to wear on BaiSeMian gloves
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