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Statue prototype speculation that currently still not conclusive

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A crystal figurines pictures, please help the reader who is at the moment in accordance with the image? Subsequently, citizen in succession call evening hotline comment, in 99 websites also initiated the net friend of a heated discussion. 
The author yesterday to moon river blocks, specializing in red collection of "small ningbo" ChenLianXing tell the author, about half a month ago, a jiaxing citizens will bring this statue crystal figurines sold him, when the seller only say this statue is had been handed down. And originally engraved on the bottom of the crystal figurines name is worn off, this statue carved, who is befuddled by ningbo, "little". 
To buy this statue crystal figurines came in an endless stream, but "small ningbo" say: "who is not clear, I don't sell." 
For the statue, what kind of speculation prototype. Especially net friend's guess, multifarious. 
Readers horse classmate call the evening hotline, said mum and dad had a discussion about, think like lu xun is a bit less like hairstyle. Later horse classmate's mother told the author, she is the primary school teachers of Chinese language, and primary school grade 6 Chinese textbook has a unit is "approaching luxun," she said, "I see a picture, I just feel like lu xun, lu xun verve are inside." 
In the "small ningbo" store, 80 year old zhang Tokyo had another a sage advice. Zhang old man told the author, this statue crystal figurines should be in minguo it frim base originally carved name may be in the 1970s when be ground to drop. Certainly not lu xun, lu xun's face look even thin. "You see his side face, completely is sun yat-sen, but are not very positive watched as may be according to his arms when the sun yat-sen body look carved. Specific still really bad to say, you see statue carved is wearing ZhongShanZhuang, and keep" little separate ', should keep Yankee now." 
99 website net friend "wjh1027" say, see, feel like lu xun. And net friend "Boolean" says, should be the cliff. Netizen "Boolean" more posts within hair cliff comparatively detailed careers. 
In this "little ningbo" of my blog, net friend "a little stars in the sky, said a crystal statue carved figures is jiaxing patriotic Democrats in jiaxing, Mr. ChuFu into MeiWan street has his memorial hall, he saved the provisional government of the republic of Korea leaders kim-gu. And net friend "ChangYing missile" is feigning mysterious, "I already checked in jiaxing archives bureau to character archetypes, but it still can't say." 
This statue crystal figurines high 11 cm wide 9 centimeters, heavy 470 grams, specializing in oil painting from tongxiang sculpture WuLianJiang said: "this statue crystal figurines of a high rigidity, should be natural crystal, estimation is the period of the republic of China, no matter whether the celebrity, prototype as handicraft in art, it also has certain value. If can research, the statue which characters, it still has the historical value and cultural value." 
This statue crystal figurines prototype exactly is who, there is still no conclusive. The author left home, "small ningbo" say: "now there was a big difficulty, textual research if is really good thing, with revolutionary anything related, I put it away to state, or to the south lake revolutionary memorial, and let it stay at jiaxing."
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