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Small yam rich farmers three provinces

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    "The land of jiangsu province, shandong province, the wind of henan day anhui province of smoke," said is located in jiangsu, shandong, provinces junction of xuzhou good king ditch town. In this "chicken XiaoMing three provinces" town, before is working out a family by 15-24, and in recent years, planting yam and become a local people important economic sources, in harmony and mutual influence, yam be king ditch town adjacent provinces and farmers common "cash cow".

    "This way, and this way, standing in this can we crystal gift see is our company's." With jiangsu on sincere ecological agriculture development, general manager of ZhangHouChao guidance, the reporter sees in the house of Mr. Wang king ditch the main village on both sides are to where the whole harvest yam. This last year that the company was founded, wang laoshan home and two yam professional cooperatives april.12, leading to more than 1000 farmers around, in the whole town more than ten thousand Chinese acres of yam take up more than 4000 acres. There are 2000 mu for iron yam plant demonstration base. "This year we have to end the shandong plant with more than 500 acres of land rent." ZhangHouChao told reporters, in neighbouring bounded place, between provinces the blending of the very popular, DouQiCun is one example.

    More than 40 years old this year DouQiCun is shandong plant at the town, kind of a few years after the yam, found that better than iron yam crystal yam sell, but because the crop is low, the kind of person is not much. When he heard that jiangsu on sincere is doing yam plant demonstration base of iron, can not only help farmers unified packaging sales, and ensure that farmers don't lose money when the reserve price of, did not have trouble back at home in the DouQiCun breath on sincere contracted for 100 mu of land. "The crystal yam the per can reach 8000 jins, iron and only 1500-2000 jins yam. Due to taste better iron yam, more nutritious, and easy to store and transport, so the price also sell higher." DouQiCun side to side van jacket yam said. According to introducing, the iron yam bid of at least 10 yuan/jin, is five times the crystal yam! The net profit per as high as 10000 yuan or more. This year the drought and waterlogging later by the influence of natural disasters, the output has declined, the cabbage turnip, all lose everything, still can keep iron yam net profits of 5000 yuan per the above. DouQiCun sunburnt his with a harvest of joy, and he has set up a file in the county buys a house, good roots.

    Like DouQiCun such examples in good can be crystal candle holders found everywhere. Anhui weeks in the town of village HuoLiang, also in the ditch town hired 15 king mu planting yam, become the biggest local retail, everyday ride 20 minutes electric car came to farm. Because the two years more and more good sell iron yam, he was going to add 10 acres of special iron yam.

    Yam not only for farmers to make money, back to the old man, women's staying at home the opportunity to create 'income. The reporter saw ten several old man, woman not side with rickets back dig yam, laughing and joking as they talk with a side. "The iron yam plant is loose soil, head than crystal yam much smaller, like us, to the elderly, women dig also don't think hard." Live in the town of shandong and ZhouCuiLing told reporters, dig a meter to 9 cents, one day she can earn up to 80 yuan of above. According to information, yam plant base on sincerity only can drive the peripheral Labour more than 1000 passengers, income per person per year on average about 4000 yuan, of which the foreigner nearby provinces to half.

    In the town of the king ditch the reporter still crystal ornaments see very interesting scene: wrapped towels carrying the woman, the big ye pipe on a motorized tricycles, shuttle travels the connection of jiangsu, shandong, road, let this originally quiet town appears to be busy. "These are the materials to the neighbouring people." The villagers introduced said. Originally, long-term frequent trade cooperation, already formed naturally ditch king border trade market, the two sides for depend on, trading all kinds of agricultural and sideline products, production tools, life products, goods is complete, in three provinces border region won the great popularity, every time FengJi attract a neighbouring towns nearly ten thousand people to come to market. According to the statistics, the last year to complete market trade turnover was 130 million yuan.

    The formation of border trade market king ditch, crystal block and to reduce the flavor of the agricultural products mainly circulation costs, improve the efficiency of circulation, and at the same time, a large number of people and solved the agricultural products "sell" difficult problem. In order to expand the market, strengthen its border trade logistics, people and the effect of the monetary flow, the king ditch since last year have invested 60 million yuan to new king ditch trade city, for more than 1000 merchants will be assigned, to the commodity classification, and the zoning sales, mainly yam, yam seeds and yam plant tools, etc. "The current open market operation time for 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the new trade city from 9 am to 6 PM, business the extension of time is expected to give businesses increase by about 60% returns". ZhangHouChao said.

    In addition, the king ditch town is still in development crystal figurines of iron yam deep processing products. Good order is doing mountain organic yam institute on tablets, sincere and d d group cooperation suitable for the development of the pregnant woman eat mountain powder, etc. "Now as long as production of iron yam go up, can start production." ZhangHouChao said, estimates will be around to sincere recently farmer free of value of ten yuan iron yam seeds, benefiting more than 200 farmers. Estimates of the yam plant proportion of iron next year from 40% this year to 70% increase.

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