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Investment of 2.5 billion "Chinese Glass City" is built Fengyang

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A "Chinese Glass City" as the goal of large-scale glass industry base is Fengyang rise. It is the main person in charge of the county is expected to achieve by 2022 plans to silicon (glass) Industry sales income of 1,000 billion target. The news is the news from hundreds of billions of Fengyang held today silica (glass) industry project promotion meeting was informed.
According to reports, Chuzhou Fengyang County reserves reserves and grade quartz highest in the country. Currently, the county produced more than 3,000 varieties of glass products, glass products sales accounted for about a quarter of the Chinese market has become Asia's most important production base of vacuum flask, glass products have covered 80% cities and counties, crystal block material one-third of the country's total market share. Fengyang County, the glass industry has formed a production, supply of large industrial system, as the influence of national distribution center for glass products.
To accelerate the development of the core of the pillar industries, the county has prepared hundreds of billions of silicon (glass) industry development plan, three five-year implementation plan to use silicon (glass) industries hundreds of billions of sales revenue goals. Currently, the program has been demonstrated by experts, and has been great attention and support of provinces and cities, 861 were included in the provincial action plan marks the Fengyang silicon industry in Anhui Province has risen to the hundreds of billions to create a major industrial base strategies.
Promotion was also held a project signing ceremony, a total of 7 projects signed, with a total investment of 2.5 billion
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