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Gothic jewelry restoring ancient ways dark luxuriant

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Gothic crystal ornaments the sense that gives a person is hale, magic and noble feels dye-in-the-wood, very suitable neutral dress collocation and elegant microlenders by MIX, which collects data of muddy build. Below are the gothic "crystal ornaments of key points:
A, "black" gothic gothic crystal ornaments, whether bracelet or necklaces, even the pendants and will appear to restore ancient ways head ornament. These ornament is commonly with metal or ivory as material, make money or water droplets badge type, thrust matchs in big star crystal middle, thus forming integral gothic feels intense act the role of article.
Second, restoring ancient ways is the most perfect head black gothic reflect, black symbol mysterious, noble even gloom and serene ancient European flavor, black crystal issued by a fascinating rays to apply decorations can highlight personal perfect temperament. Of course, hair deep dark blue, red, violet, green, yellow is also gothic crystal ornaments of commonly used color.
Three, the imitation "gothic" architecture gothic architecture is gothic style of origin point, gothic crystal ornaments of the design characteristics of just imitate gothic architecture spire incredibly medieval European style. Therefore, the sense that gives a person is wide and handsome sex hale.
Four, cutting beautifully large single crystal gothic go is restoring ancient ways, so in the crystal route in use is used more imitated ancient European gem, bezel-set crystal cut into large size will be used in water or geometry of dropping, pendants and rings. In addition, many facets crystal beads ball laminated necklace is also one of the gothic reflect, another imitate crystal droplight design.
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