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Gifts home textile product is popular personality home textile market enters the wedding hall

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Interview reporter found many home textile enterprise will start their own series products packaged into gift selling. Introduce according to the personage inside course, the home textile product sortie thepresent profession, than handicrafts, electronic products, crystal gift, gift bags to much later, but the home textile product gifts, but soon become after initialization hottest xinchong, just a few short years time, home textile gift turnover has ascended to gift company sales 20% ~ 30%. Home textile gifts from the original onefold breed -- silk by expanding for a variety of raw materials, various styles dozens of varieties. Especially home textile gifts of originality, already ahead of the big market home textile frontend. The reporter sees, gifts home textile roughly divided into towel, bed, kitchen, shade, arts, blankets, handkerchief, line, bags, flocking and so on the series. While in gifts home textile, more common main is three-piece kind, be subclasses, blanket kind, mat classes and towel such products.
This year just married YuXiaoJie received friends gifts jie li ya brand towels series box. Inside the napkin, towel, face towel, bath towel, wool slippers, bathrobe, towel hoods everything, liked it very much. Miss wang told reporters, this is she received the most economical, the most favorite gifts.
According to authoritative forecast in the next 10 years, home textile every year consumer market growth will not be lower than 20%, by 2010, China's home textile products consumption will reach nearly 15,000 billion yuan. Such a large market for home textile gift industry sustainable development created the unlimited business opportunities.
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