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Flag set to fight fraud, "Vientiane logistics" to send the prize is a fake

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"Hello, I am Evening News readers, I heard your report together with the World Expo Bureau staged a sweepstakes, send crystal gift." Recently, 114 newspaper readers news hotline received several phone calls, reflecting the pick they to the notice of a stream called the company to collect their prizes on the phone. Although phone content is served to inform them there will be prizes, but the fee to pay 99 yuan, there seems to suspect fraud. In this, the newspaper reminded readers, as of now, this newspaper is not any department of the World Expo held such a lottery, this so-called prize notification is a scam.
Mr. Wang, who lives in Minhang District, was among the first called to verify the newspaper sweepstakes. He told reporters the phone, a lady said she was "Vientiane logistics" company staff, and Mr. Wang reconciled with the home address and some personal information. Subsequently, the lady will tell Mr Wang, a recent Evening News and Shanghai World Expo Bureau held a raffle to thank the reader, Mr. Wang was honored to be drawn. Hearing that he won the lottery, Mr. Wang is very pleased, and immediately asked what the prize is, the person said that the prize is a 3D Crystal laser craft. Unexpectedly, the end of the phone, the lady said: "We will courier the prize to your home the next day, when you only pay 99 yuan fee can get prizes."
Still have to pay fee? At this point, Mr. Wang can not help but began to suspect that fraud, and did not immediately agree, but euphemistically said, if its confirmed, will contact with staff. In order to confirm the authenticity of this event, Mr. Wang 114 news hotline call the newspaper, hoping to get a clear view.
According to readers reporter's phone number, dialed it to "157" at the beginning of the cell phone number, answered the phone was a lady surnamed Liu. No other journalists for information, who will speak Miss Liu said: "You are to confirm the situation you accept the award?" Are certainly in the post, Miss Liu said he is "Vientiane logistics" of staff, the current work is responsible for award acknowledges the address, and inform the courier to send prizes next door. When a reporter asked who is in this event organized, the Miss Liu once said, is the Evening News and Shanghai World Expo Bureau, they are only responsible for the delivery courier.
Since it is drawn prizes, why should collect the cost? Ms. Liu did not directly answer, only said: "This we know, but after you see this prize will definitely feel very good, the absolute value of more than 99 yuan." When asked where the logistics company office, Miss Liu said They Chuansha area in Pudong, near the Chinese three-way here. But where specifically, but she refused to elaborate.
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