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East Building glass when the crystal Sell of consumers compensated more than 4500 yuan

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Ningbo, China Network Communications " I have repeatedly asked the salesperson , this is not really crystal ? was the salesperson repeated assurances that is a crystal , let me worry. did not think it took more than 4500 yuan buy is Ji Chuan the glass . " The day before yesterday morning, Haishu District Consumer Protection Committee , Mr Leung told reporters reflects his in the East Building buy fake crystal jewelry the issue .
September 22 , from Heilongjiang Wuchang City, Leung in the city East Building on the first floor to buy the crystal sets of chain and crystal bracelet the three , the total value of 4534 yuan . Because Mr. Leung to buy these things is ready to give as gifts , and paid their money to take jewelry , he repeatedly asked the salesperson : "These jewelry is not true crystal ? " salesperson said is really crystal. Meanwhile, commercial buildings to Leung sales of single- and product certification , but also clearly written crystal products, manufacturers standard of Shenzhen mapping to Jewelry Co., Ltd. .
Mr Leung on Haishu District, the Consumer Protection Committee the staff of , said he his wife the day saw thecrystal gift after , with the others crystal jewelry a comparison , that is obviously not the same. The next day, Mr Leung on holding six jewelry went Ningbo jewelry Quality Supervision, Inspection Station, their own money and asked the station of jewelry to identify the . Identification results confirmed that the six so-called crystal ornaments are glass . To this end, Mr Leung went to Haishu District, the Consumer Protection Committee reports and complaints that the business practice is to deliberately deceive the consumer , requiring the provisions of relevant laws , to businesses punish .
In this regard, East Building the person in charge to the , Haishu Consumer Protection Committee, explained that the commercial with manufacturers is an associate relationship , had occurred the incident , mainly the counter sales staff to sell the goods in their own is not very clear circumstances, to consumers recommended Said it was Crystal . In this regard, the official said , commercial buildings will seriously deal with the matter , and held suppliers the responsibility of .
Reporter the day before yesterday morning was informed , the Haishu Consumer Protection Committee mediation, East Building agreed to Mr Leung return the 6 jewelry , and for compensation Leung 4534 yuan and identification of costs 100 yuan .
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