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Easily lead to U.S. recall of Chinese-made candle fire

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It is understood that this haunted house screen candle holders from the Minnesota Coynes & Company companies to import , and in August 2009 to September 2009 between the Yankee Candle store in the United States and YankeeCandle.com website sales, costs about 25 dollars .
The candlestick style for the castle and decorated with three bats , candlesticks 15 inches wide , 15 inches high , into the depth of 4 inches, can also insert the six candles . Candlestick whole black metal texture , but the window shape on a transparent coating . The U.S. test , the coating inflammable posing a fire hazard. At present the cause of the importer has received three candelabra window screen on fire coating caused the report , no officers were injured .
Now with the CPSC to recall the importer has the work , involving the number of products about 7800 . The use of properties, Europe and the United States on the candle holders higher, in particular the use of materials . Fire is not strong material can easily lead to fire hazards , the CPSC 's recall also reminded of the candle -related businesses that materials used to improve toy quality and safety to protect consumers and reduce export risks .
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