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Crystal processing disorder competitive situation must be tackled

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Crystal 's market this year , so the county has experienced the crystal processing enterprises to the sadby the hi position, the price plummeted to later production had to face the embarrassing situation of capital preservation .
Good times last year , the county diamond crystal production process earned a big family really . Dealers carrying cash grabbing diamond products, and some even pay money in advance , and this all to be able to get the goods as soon as possible , then diamond products in short supply , and the profit is considerable. This year , along with the influx of more and more households diamond processing market , diamond prices from 13 yuan per pack last year , fell to 5 yuan per pack , so many families started production process is facing a loss dilemma. Fallen by the 8 yuan to the enterprises are profitable , and now the market has to a " shopping " stage. Many households in order to keep processing customers, in a very low profit, barely maintain production.
Dragon Huangzhai Town, Xin diamond factory diamond production and management has been 2 years , and Zhang boss told reporters: "It has basically no diamond production of profits. each diamond processing machine costs on nearly 20 million, but also With raw materials and labor costs , now 5-6 yuan per pack barely maintain the market price of corporate survival . As more and more influx of diamond processing account processing, product prices continue to fall , There are already many Huangzhai Town Do small businesses have closed diamond . plus some additional workshops to grab customers, the price pressure is very low , to bring the living space are crushed . "
Octagon beads in the history of the most long River , Yu introduced the first residential village crystal technology , its main product is the octagonal beads . Later, with the market, training and development , octagonal beads in increasing demand. When high prices , each can sell a hair is about 7 cents . With the blind imitation crystal processing household production, processing, octagonal beads each and the price dropped to 5 to 6 cents , or 2 percent. In Yiwu International Trade City District crystal jewelry district, the reporter saw the owner of Ma River . Ma's company produces a crystal ball and the octagonal crystal be and collect high-quality goods expo2011-4th-shando----

sources: Chinese cultural relics nets

Organizer:Jinan people's government in shandong province of shandong province of shandong province collector association light industry association of international economic trade federation of China council for the promotion of international trade in shandong province committee

Contractors:Jinan world expo exhibition Co., LTD

Overseas contact:Hong Kong boya international exhibition and conference company

Support media:Discovery" world resources, jewelry nets "" international jewellery nets" "international pearl nets" "Chinese craft gift nets" "craft gift nets" "Chinese gift shision" "Chinese craft nets" "huaxia collection net", "China collection net" dazhong daily "shandong television" "qilu television" "qilu evening" and "shandong jinan times" newspaper tianjin daily of yangtse evening post the weifang evening news "yimeng evening news" peninsula metropolis daily ", etc.


With the rapid development of economy, jewelry and jade article, gifts, gift has become the custom of reciprocity and in state and government, business, public relations, social and other social economic activities, wildly popular Chinese jewelry annual sales in 160 billion RMB, and with each year than 10% speed is forecast to increase by 2011 can reach 180 billion yuan, has broad market space.At the same time also is a kind of advertising gift, a kind of publicity, appropriate gift can in customer's mind to establish permanent and profound impression, in today's thousands of kinds of gifts, classics. It is economical and practical, low price and good quality, advertising effect is remarkable.As a preferred, necessary and common jewellery handicraft gift, is each big enterprise or business unit is widely used and has great value of collection.

By jinan city people's government, shandong collector association, China council for the promotion of international trade shandong commission, shandong light industry association, shandong international economic trade association and jinan world expo exhibition Co., LTD, etc, jointly organized "shandong international jewelry and jade article, gifts and crafts and collect high-quality goods expo" in each year in July in jinan shun plow international conference and exhibition center held the exhibition area of 16,000 square meters, the exhibition scale and effects obtained the field wide attention and consistent approval, the general assembly gathered in the from tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, xinjiang, shenyang, nanjing, guangxi, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, shanxi, shaanxi, henan, fujian and Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and other provinces and municipalities autonomous region of 200 jewelry gift handicraft enterprise businessman brand participation, fujian root and shoushan stone etc collection exhibition of tom.com exquisite also.Should all exhibitors require "2011 shandong international jewelry and jade article, gifts and crafts and collect high-quality goods expo" will be time to adjust to May 26 in jinan shun plow international conference and exhibition center grandly.Congress is to "promote cultural glamour" as the theme, in order to improve enterprise brand awareness, expand foreign influence, guide the healthy consumption for the purpose to promote jewelry and jade article, gift handicraft of circulating trade collection and cultural exchange, trade for the target.For the industry friends to build a show themselves, communication of information, expanding the market, fair competition trade platform.

"There is companion come from afar."Invite friends in passion, industry may visit beautiful in jinan, shandong 2011 to celebrate international jewelry and jade article, gifts and crafts and the grand opening of the expo collection high-quality goods.

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