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Crystal processing disorder competitive situation must be tackled

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Crystal 's market this year , so the county has experienced the crystal processing enterprises to the sadby the hi position, the price plummeted to later production had to face the embarrassing situation of capital preservation .
Good times last year , the county diamond crystal production process earned a big family really . Dealers carrying cash grabbing diamond products, and some even pay money in advance , and this all to be able to get the goods as soon as possible , then diamond products in short supply , and the profit is considerable. This year , along with the influx of more and more households diamond processing market , diamond prices from 13 yuan per pack last year , fell to 5 yuan per pack , so many families started production process is facing a loss dilemma. Fallen by the 8 yuan to the enterprises are profitable , and now the market has to a " shopping " stage. Many households in order to keep processing customers, in a very low profit, barely maintain production.
Dragon Huangzhai Town, Xin diamond factory diamond production and management has been 2 years , and Zhang boss told reporters: "It has basically no diamond production of profits. each diamond processing machine costs on nearly 20 million, but also With raw materials and labor costs , now 5-6 yuan per pack barely maintain the market price of corporate survival . As more and more influx of diamond processing account processing, product prices continue to fall , There are already many Huangzhai Town Do small businesses have closed diamond . plus some additional workshops to grab customers, the price pressure is very low , to bring the living space are crushed . "
Octagon beads in the history of the most long River , Yu introduced the first residential village crystal technology , its main product is the octagonal beads . Later, with the market, training and development , octagonal beads in increasing demand. When high prices , each can sell a hair is about 7 cents . With the blind imitation crystal processing household production, processing, octagonal beads each and the price dropped to 5 to 6 cents , or 2 percent. In Yiwu International Trade City District crystal jewelry district, the reporter saw the owner of Ma River . Ma's company produces a crystal ball and the octagonal crystal beads jewelry accessories . Ma said: " We all do make money when the octagonal beads, the results suddenly smashed down the price . two months, the price fell more than 1 times , and now basically be profitable , and profits is Large . "
All this seems to be a replica of last year's Flat bead . In early 2009 , Flat bead into the hot market trend , many farmers swarmed order processing machines in Flat bead production, for a time , even the yellow house , white horse , etc. The farmers also have to apply three-phase electricity, rushing to Flat bead production , power sector Month to accept applications for hundreds of household electricity , we all rush to share, Flat bead of the profits . However, with the expanding scale of production , not a few months , the price of Flat Beads staged the "big diving ", some people have to flesh out , and some had to give up the purchase of machines , manufacturers forfeiture of deposits .
And Flat bead as octagonal beads , crystal diamond jewelry is also versatile accessory , whether it is crystal ornaments, lamps , arts and crafts can see their shadow . Currently , the county produced the octagonal beads and stones , mainly through Yiwu market and the wholesale markets across the country out . It should be said , as long as the sound development of the space is great .
As we all know , most of the county 's crystal industry is mainly produced crystal jewelry , and small workshop for the production of the family business model , in a state of semi- mechanized , technical content is not high. Due to low investment , effective, and market access, low threshold , in recent years , the county crystal processing shown surrounded them and disorderly competition in the embarrassing situation . From Flat bead , octagonal beads , three kinds of crystal diamond before and after the price gap between parts can be seen , the county crystal processing industry profits to fall from already formed a basic set -style , revealing the irrational development of the industry , is not standardized. Disorderly competition within the industry , the phenomenon of blindly follow the trend of development of the industry has become a tumor restricted , always against the whole crystal industry .
Reporter in Yiwu International Trade City , and interviewed Huangzhai Town dozen production and management octagonal beads, stones of business owners , they have said that the Crystal River is now the industry has a bad phenomenon. Tens of thousands of practitioners do not aim to improve the technological level, to improve scientific and technological innovation , but only the pursuit of profit , any profit on what to do, market conditions led to crystal chaos . A group of normal tax in the price of crystal processing enterprises can not be with family workshops on crystal processing point of competition, surrounded them and blind when the production of crystal industry can track , a majority of business owners look forward to .
When an industry solely on a single product , low prices , low profits to compete , to dominate the market , the industry lost its forward momentum , lost the vitality of life . Blossom everywhere crystal workshop in a polluted environment, reducing the level and the crystal industry level . Single product , competition and other disorderly competition means lower prices after another , do not focus on quality improvement and establishment of a brand , products with low added value . Size-fits- crystal crafts from different workshops each day tens of thousands of additional output , Flat bead , octagonal beads, crystal stones and other parts of the market conditions clearly show that the disorderly competition has given way to the county crystal industry " chronic poisoning . " Many business owners think that crystal industry to health , sustainable development , you have to avoid that surrounded them and the competitive situation , so that after the launch of a new product will not become the next " Flat bead " next " diamond . "
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