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Crystal Jewelry The true and false identification methods

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(1 )Seeing: Natural crystal in the formation process, often subject to environmental impact of the total contain some impurities , to the sun observation , you can see the light of even small stripes or catkin -like material . The fake crystal jewelry and more use of defective crystalline residue, blizzard melting , after polishing process , color copy is made , there is no uniform stripes , catkin -like material . 
(2 )Tongue licking: Even in the hot summer dog days , tongue licking the natural crystal surfaces , but also cold and cool feeling. Fake, no cool feeling. 
(3 )Illumination: crystal ornaments jewelry heel in the sun , no matter from which angle it can release a beautiful luster . False can not. 
(4 )Hardness: Natural crystal hardness, with a stone in jewelry lightly zoned , for no trace ; if left streak, is fake . 
(5 )Using polarized light microscopy: In the polarizing microscope, rotate 360 degrees , four out four dark change is a natural crystal jewelry , no change is false . 
(6 )Using two -color check: Natural amethyst with two color , leave no dichroism . 
(7 )With a magnifying glass examination: The times magnifying glass in transmitted light inspection, to find the bubble is basically as false. 
(8 )With hair check: The crystal ornaments on a hair , the human eye through the crystal to see hair double shadow , was natural, mainly because of its birefringence . 
(9 )Thermal conductivity detected: the thermal conductivity meter adjusted to the green 4 cell testing precious stones, natural crystals can be up to the yellow 2 cells , while the fake is not increased , when the area is large up to the yellow one compartment .

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