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Crystal images gift business transfers light

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The first two years, crystal gifts is very flourishing a burst of, but popular wind comes to go, if cannot grasp popular rhythm, gloomy management are also inevitable. Yesterday, the daily economic news "opened in May this year from a gift shop informed, the crystal images now crystal gifts market is not ideal images.
The shopkeeper miss kuo introduction, crystal images gifts is mainly necklace, bracelet, pendant, the adornment such as hang, customers can will bring your photos, production staff through technology processing, the photo socketable with crystal in, look solid natural. Reporter in the shop, a miss kuo see images of crystal necklace price mostly in 10 yuan, miss kuo said that in 2004, crystal images gift is very popular, one shall sell to 20 yuan, now the price has been reduced by half, but the sale or is not ideal.
Miss kuo revealed turnover of the highest month is September, can reach 2,000 yuan, mainly by the wedding climax influence. "September clap a hunshazhao people much more special, wedding studio will throw in new photos with the crystal gift, some images studio will seek me batch, so that month sell well." In order to increase sales, miss kuo very is spent some of idea, some time ago, Shanghai "my hero " program is popular with young people, to cater to tide, miss kuo made a batch of printed with my hero image crystal cell phone chain, but have never thought still no people buy.
"It want to, or my store to open late before last, do the most people earn money, have never thought vogue for some time has passed." Miss kuo analysis the reason, main business is bad or intervention market timing is wrong, for future development, miss kuo said how comparative vacant.
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