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Collection of crystals and blown heat from the West China

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In the West there is a name saying : " God readily pinched stones , crystals that God designed to use a ruler out . " It is understood that in the past 30 years , the number of collections and preferences ore increased by about 30% , while the western most of the mineral crystals of the price doubling itself , one can fetch thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars to the United States Colorado State , " State Stone " rhodochrosite crystals , for example, a 30 cm size rhodochrosite druse (non- best ) price on the 300 million U.S. dollars.
China has a long and rocks in the culture, development and utilization of mineral resources is the first one of the countries , but the mineral crystals ( referred to as : mineral crystal ) viewing and collection Queyuanburu Western countries. " Back in the late 80s , early 90s , Western collectors , enthusiasts and traders to China's Xun Zhao Jiu Kaishi minerals , fossils , and put them into the international market go. " Zhu Ming Kuang Jing Zheng Ping Gu Su reporter collector , Due to time, most people lack of knowledge on fossil specimens , do not understand the international market , resulting in the loss of many rare specimens from the domestic .
"But in recent years, as China's economic development, people have come to realize the mineral crystals , mineral crystal ornaments export trade has gradually changed from the domestic market ! " Zheng Ping believes that in the near future , this trend will be blown hot collection of Western China To: "In fact, at home, collection of crystals and groups are expanding , which , businessmen, political figures of crystals and high- income groups are the main buying groups . they know more or less of mineral crystals , some people Only because of its beautiful and like to spend big bucks to buy, but it is undeniable that all the development on the formation of crystals and collection assistance . "
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