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Baoying an Olympic Crystal production

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Reuters recently , the reporter into the industrial park south of the city of Yangzhou Baoying Hsing Yun Crystal company, Deputy General Manager Zhu Ming is busy checking on the production progress of the Olympic gift . Crystal clear crystal ornaments one by one , after rigorous testing , will be sent to Beijing for one group .
The commitment of the nest Baoying , Water Cube , the torch and sports projects 17 million Olympic style crystal gift production tasks , Hsing Yun companies take a leading role , design and production of which the largest and most difficult process of nest model . About the topic of the Olympics Crystal , ZHU Ming is a look of excitement , endless words : " Beijing Olympics has always been a country to celebrate this event , as a Chinese person who is very proud , and now their fighting for many years Enterprises to produce gifts for the Olympic , it is a great honor ah ! "
Would like to get the Olympic Games Crystal production orders , moving forward. ZHU Ming said that in recognition of the Olympic organizing committee collected information on crystal gifts , the company set up a special team to design research . " Our design staff employed by the German design with experts on the nest 's shape , size depth of the analysis , even on the line , brightness and other details have carried out quantitative , after 20 days closed design, we only show the Bird's Nest design crystal gifts , sent to the Organizing Committee , after review , it was still a one-time adoption . In fact, during the Olympic Organizing Committee officials inspected the Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places more than 20 Crystal Enterprise , Crystal Enterprise finally the design of the Baoying Production capacity of praise . "
Yat Ming Chu has picked up a good nest production model , this source pointed out to reporters to see: " Do not underestimate the length 28 cm , width 22 cm , 12 cm high crystal , crystal gifts already are in the ' heavyweight ' , crystal Which can be such a fine engraving of the Olympic Bird's Nest , the National not a few companies can do it. "
Crystal Bird's Nest is a fine production of live , about one and a half hours to produce one, and Xing Yun whole plant imported from Germany and only a large-scale laser engraving machine to take on this task. In order to ensure on-time delivery , Hing joint venture company, the company reached an agreement with Germany to concentrate all the power companies , the full support of the Olympic Games present production , and coordination with European and American businessmen , to enter into a single delivery time has been postponed . "At present, this station more than 100 million machines 24 hours a specialized production ' nest ', the whole plant more than 100 workers are all put to the Olympic gift production, to ensure presents to the world 's most beautiful Olympic gift . " Zhu day out on their own products Confidence.
On the upcoming Beijing Olympics , ZHU Ming said that as an ordinary Chinese, I believe the Beijing Olympics must be the most successful Olympic Games , the Chinese people must have the strength . He is most happy that the production of crystal gift will be unveiled Beijing Olympic Games, it will be worth a lifetime collection of memories. When asked what projects like to watch the Olympic competition, the veterans who love playing soccer , the most like to watch ball games , so long as to when to take time , we will certainly see more of several matches for the Chinese athletes refuel .
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