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Arbitrary Express reject " inspection and then sign , " argues that industry rules

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" receipt of the goods Do not rush to sign , we must in front of courier face experience a good the goods again sign for ! " the vast majority of the shop the seller would like to remind the buyer , but in fact express company often do not to the recipient before Inspection The right of , who lives in Pudong New Area, Yaohua Road in Jia 's recent encounter such a rude couriers .
"This courier attitude is too bad the , express late, 3 days do not say , do not let me open the package inspection , have to let me sign . " Recently, people Jia call the Evening News 114 hotline complaints rhyme delivery . Originally, Mr. Jia online purchase a laptop computer , through the DHL company sent in Shanghai, because it sent the valuables , he was not careless, to open the packaging a good look and then sign .
" I've had losses , when a crystal gift , I first recipient a single on signed , opened it only to find crystal missing a angle, so I turned around to find the courier when he had been riding Car ran . " Jia told reporters that he learned the last lesson, the you want to first inspection after sign , but, was rejected.
"At the time the courier attitude was poor, a look of impatience, asked me in the end or not . I said: ' you do not let me see me how signing ah ? ' argument a few words he turned away , package and no To me. "
did not receive shipment Jia very angry , immediately call the rhyme express complaints Headquarters, promised him tomorrow to arrange who to send over . did not expect the next day, still The courier to send parcels , and he is still Zhefan rhetoric , do not let the Jia first inspection .
the second Still have not received shipment , Jia once again called the complaint telephones, the rhyme of the staff told him that " a sign test " is that they express industry business practice, other companies are doing so .
"Even if the line rules can not override consumers, above the interests of ah ! " Jia said angrily , "If the parcel is a problem looking for? to the when they courier company assert that you were since already signed , on behalf of the things No problem , and then put the responsibility on the pretexts . "
reporters following Telephone interview with DHL complaints headquarters staff, the staff member told reporters that , under normal circumstances , the recipient can look at the packaging is intact , if the packaging is not damaged, the recipient can be recipient a single The first marked " packaging good " , and then can only open the packaging check which of items , if the there is no problem can recipient single sign a . "However, in practice , many couriers take the trouble to let the recipient view the items inside . because the industry is for efficiency very high demands , so the steps are by everyone ignored , a in the industry common problem . "
because there is no face Open the package to view, when inside the object there is a problem , often cause controversy. An Taobao shop owner told reporters that he received a lot of times the buyer 's complaint, said he sold goods damaged , in fact, a courier in the logistics were damaged goods , the buyer sign for did not personally closer look , once the sign After the Can not be held courier company's responsibility. "So we always remind the buyer to carefully inspection , if you find goods of damage signs to immediately contact us, we can investigate express the company's responsibility to . "
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