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1000 beginning see David

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From the meaning of "David living form" to "one kilometer, dual-core villas, 2009, melts the letter, David advertising in fuzhou outdoor, each big media time excessive colour, give a person coated with mystery. David project location where? Architectural style like? What huxing? Area? How ... Many questions, November 25th can untie one.
According to insiders revealed David, 25, melts the letter, David temporary center in the world, will be champions shore city marketing center (jinshan bus station near) officially open. The general public now can visit, knowing the relevant information. On the same day, melts letter, located in fuzhou changle David reception center of the airport, will officially open.
Why the letter, blend of David, the European sales center on shore city? According to information, melts the letter of David, the sales center will be built fuzhou first "David royal museum", expected in the first half of next year to completion. But at present, the world champions, all the other shore city homes sold out, its marketing center already occupy jinshan transportation center, traffic is convenient, and jinshan lifestyle center, prosperous, its internal atmospheric luxurious, and David temperament alike. After discussing, melts the letter temporary marketing centre in this group, and spend a month of time be modified, from shore city of modern style into the city of David meaning type classicism, and AD hoc 3D arc curtain cinemas, T stage, coffee bar...
Roman too far, jinshan is very near. If there is no time to kiss to Italy, please visit melts letter, David. It is reported, from the end of this year by early next year, melts the letter group will hold a large weekly sino-occidental cultural exchange activities and luxury exhibition, etc. November 28 on, David started confess to raise, and foreign will hold a from Italian fiorentina museum of more than 20 pieces of Renaissance paintings, sculptures and high-quality goods exhibition site and cappuccino and move of crystal gift for you.
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